I have books to help you change your financial mindset.

These books are meant to educate and help you in your money growth.

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Seasons of Change: A Journey to Wholeness

Wholeness is essential to the alterations of one’s life. Women we spend our time trying to grasp or understand the inevitable life experiences we all face. Many of these seasons we face are difficult places, and we often feel like no one understands. In this book, with her skillfulness of storytelling, her sense of humor and wisdom she helps you discover the process of becoming whole while you are experiencing Seasons of change. In Seasons of change she shares her experiences and challenges, while reminding you as the seasons change on planet Earth so, do they in your life. She shows you the way to reflect, acknowledge and accept the seasons by sharing God’s answers for life’s challenges. Come and journey with her to wholeness as we walk together and experience Seasons of change.

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Are there moments you wished you had some wisdom to make proper decisions? Do you ever feel like life is going by so fast, and there is no time to stop and think? Here is a quick and straightforward solution. This book is packed with 30 days of wisdom quotes and scriptures to assist you in the decision-making process. Grab your favorite cup of tea, sit in your favorite chair, and allow the pages of this book to transform your life.

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RELEASE DATE: September 2018

RELEASE DATE: September 2018


The Panic Box: 8 Principles to break free of panic and launch your business

Release date : June 2019


The Panic Box gives 8 core principles to help you recognize panic and how to break its confines so, your business can no longer be a dream but a reality. With piercing wisdom and keen narratives, this book will teach step-by-step how to break out of your panic box with confidence. If you have been apprehensive to step out in confidence to launch your business idea or take the career you have always wanted, this book and its eight core principles will rupture stagnation and ignite the wheels of determination. Get ready to release a death blow to panic and place yourself on a path of confidence, courage and fortitude that will launch your business. 


Decrees for Living: 30 Days of Decrees to accelerate life and finances

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This book is a 30-day journey to accelerate your money and life into an abundant place. Samantha has filled this book with scriptures and decrees to help your mind and soul agree with God about financial success. Change the landscape of your life quicker by making these decrees part of your morning meditation.

Few Minutes with SamanthaTalks YouTube Channel

Few Minutes with SamanthaTalks YouTube Channel