How Do I spend My Tax Refund?


We are still in tax season, and there are many receiving anywhere from $8k to $15k in a refund from the IRS. It is tempting to go on vacations, to go shopping or spend it frivolously.  I don't want you to spend the money without planning for hardships later this year. Here are three ways you can use your refund to make money throughout the year.  

I. Invest a portion of your refund in Real Estate Crowdfunding Investment groups.

            You can take as little as $500 to $1,000 to join a crowdfunding investor online program for real estate. Now, you may say " is it safe?" Yes, they are regulated by the SEC and accredited. One I have done a lot of research on is You will need to do your homework before giving your money, but the return on real estate is higher than the gain at Disney World.  

II. Buy Stock!

            You may think I don't make enough money to start a stock portfolio. You and the person making $7 an hour can start a stock portfolio. You can go through a financial advisor; however, if you are working for a company, you can increase your investments with them. So, the money you received back, set up a one-time dump into your 401k or stock options out of your paycheck. Then use the tax refund to make up your bills. Just think to get you closer to retirement. You can also take a look at places like E-trade, Alley Invest, and TD Ameritrade. Alley Invest has no minimum amount to begin trading, and cost to trade is low.  

III. Money Market Savings Account

            Save money! Yes, put some money in a money market savings account. These accounts yield interest at a higher rate than the traditional savings account. Money Market Savings accounts also have restrictions on withdrawals which makes you keep the money in there.  

You want always to make plans for extra money, that will yield more money to you. If you are not in a dire need to catch up bills with that tax refund, then save it. Make your money grow for you! Don't be wasteful with the extra funds. You have any topics to cover in this article. Then send your questions to

Samantha Singletary