Accounting Lessons from Natural Hair

Now, I am a creative writer so, always be prepared on my blogs to learn accounting tips, strategies, and financial tips through creative prose. I love reading, at the same time I am so over reading the three step professional blog, that doesn’t speak loud in my memory. Let’s face it, people only need 20 seconds these days to determine if you are boring or a hoot to hang with. I choose to become the hoot. So, you are going to hear a small story get three tips in this post, and I hope it starts you looking at your monies differently in 2019.

         I recently decided to come out the closet of denial about being an accountant. I built my business to help emerging creatives and those already out here making money to build successful businesses starting with managing their books. I love the bookkeeping side of accounting and being an outsourced CFO for companies. The same time I started this venture, I also was in the process of revealing my real curly, thick lady locks of natural hair to the real world.

The craze we see in America now about authenticity is really fake. The world doesn’t want the authentic you. All the years I spent in corporate America, the natural hairstyle was forbidden if you wanted to scale that corporate ladder. I mean walk into a board room with your big curly afro and a pair of hoop earrings to set it off, and you are probably looking at being skipped over for the bonus or next promotion.

 So, I never wore the real hair. I relaxed my hair, cut my hair, had wigs or weaves, but to let this thick curly hair show was like no way. Ok, ok I told myself as I was getting ready for work one morning, ‘don’t wear your wig.’ Now that was like the day I had to tell everyone I had a Master’s degree in Business Administration and Accounting. I had to pull out my natural hair care products, determine which products would work best for an 8 hour day on my hair, and use those before hitting the door. I also stopped by my daughter’s room door, and asked if she thought I looked okay. She gave me the best feedback. I was ready! I took a deep breath and went into work, Naked! I was naked! I was wearing my authentic self into work, and taking the chance I would be rejected. These are the same emotions you undergo as a business owner when it comes to bringing your books to an Accountant or bookkeeping company. You take the chance they will reject you because your books are a mess or will they accept you although you have not made large amounts of money. 

Well, I am here to tell you I was accepted at work that day. I walked into our boardroom meeting, and our VP said, “Oh My gosh! Samantha I love your hair!” I was shocked, like the day I saw Channing Tatum with no shirt off at our local fire station filming. I was accepted. I sat down in that meeting presented my research findings in full confidence.

Now, you have to do the same when you are looking for a bookkeeping company. The day I went to work Naked, I realized it was just like looking for an accountant or bookkeeping company to handle your books. You have to go into that consultation ‘NAKED!” Here are three very important pieces of information you want to bring into a consultation with an accountant or bookkeeping company (first don’t let anyone fool you into thinking you only can use a CPA, many startup businesses don’t need a CPA. We will explore this in another blog post).

I.            Get Naked! Yes! Bring the True picture of your books!

You may not know your true financial picture, and that is okay. Tell your accountant or bookkeeper that information. I mean don’t walk into that consultation with your wig on, and not tell them the full details. If you are concerned information is going to get released, then have the accountant or bookkeeper sign a NDA (non disclosure agreement), which contains a confidentiality clause.

II.           Which natural hair product do I use? Ask Questions!

Yes, you need to become the kindergartner who is learning his ABC’s. Ask tons of questions. Don’t stop at one question either. Ask them how often will you get reports, how often do they need to your bank statements. What are assets, liabilities, equity, etc. Get them to give you the 4-1-1 on accounting lingo. Ask if they are familiar with working with product based businesses, creative people (what we specialize in here at the accountant gets too moody to tell you, and just expects your blind trust walk out. You are new to the entrepreneurial world, don’t get in tax fraud issues early. Ask the questions.

III.         How do I look? Get Reviews

Ask them for references. I believe if you are sitting in a consultation with an accountant or bookkeeper ask them about their previous clients. Now, I keep the negative reviews with the good ones so people can see and make wise decisions for themselves. Reviews are great aides in you choosing the right person to work with your business. Don’t just look at google, yelp, Linkedin, Facebook reviews, ask them to provide you with references, who are willing to speak with them about doing business with you.

Now, once you cover these three important areas you are ready to focus on growing your business and not managing your money. Money management takes a lot of time. Give the managing of your money over to the right Accountant.These three tips will help you in your selection process. If you would like to set up a consultation with our offices visit us at we would love to speak with you.

Samantha Singletary