What I learned from a homeless man

Hey My creative loves! I am always thinking of ways to teach and empower you to pursue your dreams and succeed in business. The story I am going to share changed my perspective about homelessness.  

 I recall life lessons I have learned from a homeless man I saw everyday for four years. These lessons will help you as you are designing and constructing your businesses. 

 Every morning I hit the rush hour traffic of the HOT ATL on I-20 West headed to GA 400.  I turn down the ramp, faithfully the homeless man is standing under the bridge, collecting money from various commuters. I look from afar coming down the ramp, and I begin to wonder, ‘How much is he making?' I tell myself, ‘Not a lot,' however, the accountant I am is calculating the ratio of cars to dollars. I realized he is standing out here for three hours a day, 5 days a week, it is possible he is making enough to pay rent somewhere. 

I began an analysis of his strategy. The key to being a successful entrepreneur is based on three major areas. We all want to make a lot of money, however, it takes a system. The homeless man taught me this. Take this system and apply it to your life as an entrepreneur.  

 The three areas you want to integrate into your business are: 

 I. Consistency is the key to business success 

- Consistency is the hardest thing for an entrepreneur. Creative entrepreneurs struggle with this area. Creatives want something new every other day, and consistency gets boring. Consistency is what makes you an expert in your arena. You need consistency. Consistency takes a tenacity. I suggest building consistency slow. Start 15-minute increments a day for 7 days that you do something in your business consistently. You could send emails, write a post, or go live. Just do it everyday for 15 minutes. 

 II. Patience isn't just a virtue, it is the passage for entrepreneurship

- I thought I was a patient person until I met the homeless man. Your patience is going to perfect your entrepreneurial career. Patience will take you through the process of experiencing failure and success. Teach yourself patience by planning something far out for your business. Here is a good example, set up a course two weeks out, and teach yourself not to check enrollment everyday. Check three days before. This will help you learn to wait. The waiting process can be rough, but helpful. 

 III. It isn't how much money you collect its the fact of collecting it 

-When we are building a business, we think about monies coming in at a high end instead of looking at lowering fees to make bank. I am sure you are worth $15,000 for two hours, however, money is money. If you are not getting tons of it, then try and get some. So, create products and courses for a lower amount to increase revenue. The homeless guy was open to all kinds of money. 

 Now, I am shocked! I am thinking, 'if not for an alcohol or drug problem, he could use this method and be a millionaire.' Wealth is not limited to those who were born into it. Wealth is possible for us all. I mean we all can obtain wealth if we use these three principles. I realized on this morning entrepreneurship has its challenges, its failures, and its successes, but if he can succeed to find his next meal. I can succeed to build a multi-million dollar company. 

Samantha Singletary