Time to Check It!

I cannot believe we are almost in the middle of the year. I was thinking about how the year just started. I mean before you know, you will be filing taxes again.

You don't want to wait until the tax season comes and guess what you are paying or your refund. There are simple ways for you to check these things out before you find yourself scrambling during tax season.

"All Knowledge is spendable currency, depending on the market."~Maya Angelou.

Ms. Angelou is correct! Knowledge can either cost your coins or bring you coins. I want you to always be in the position of coins filling your jars. I try to encourage employees, entrepreneurs, and self-employed to always look at what they are paying in taxes throughout the year.

The IRS has created free calculators for you to use to determine if your W4 information is correct. Click here to check and see what your withholding should be to cover your tax liability. click here http://bit.ly/taxwithholdingcalc

The recent changes in tax law are the main reason to evaluate your tax deductions.

Self-employed can be challenging, to say the least; however, you can also calculate your tax withholdings so, you can tax plan throughout the year. I know we think tax planning is for the rich and famous; however, the everyday citizen should tax plan. Here is the calculator for self-employed http://bit.ly/selfemployedcalc

Keeping track of the changes to your tax bracket throughout the year can make tax filing season easier and enjoyable.

SamanthaTalks is the author of Decrees for Living: 30 days to accelerate your finances, international speaker, podcaster, and known as the "coin strategist" to her global female audience. SamanthaTalks uses her life experiences, education, and career to help women master their finances and taxes so, they can live stress-free lives. You want more information go to samanthatalks.com.