Fear is your fuel

 Make fear your fuel.

 Fear can paralyze you or fuel you to make a change in your life. Many of us are trying to figure out how to get the life we so desire, and not lose what we worked so hard to obtain. The fear to change the way we do business or seek to live our best life can cause us just to stay stuck. One day we will look back wondering where the time went.

 Don't let fear paralyze your dreams to transition into owning your own money-making business. Let fear fuel your vision. Take steps toward your goal of being a successful entrepreneur while full of fear.  I did!

Every day I take steps and make decisions filled to the cup with fear. I mean my fear runneth over! I do it all afraid knowing one day I will see all I touch giving me millions of things back.


Take one step toward your dream. If it is an internship with an entrepreneur, finding money to start your business, asking someone to join your team, or flexing your current job to begin your journey. Whatever it is, Just let fear be the fuel that gets you going. Do not wait for fear to leave. Take fear ball it up in your hand and use it to push you forward.


Make fear your Fuel.

Samantha Singletary