Logo and Branding Futuristic

Emerging entrepreneurs, start at the end of your vision and build back to the beginning.


I know this may sound crazy to you. I have had tons of people say, “What are you talking about?” Start at the end of your entrepreneurial vision, and then go to the beginning. Remember that when God created the Earth, he saw its end and build it from the beginning. God made man because God knew the end of his adversary would take a creative force that can dwell in the world God cast him too. God did not form us just for us; he had the result in mind for his enemy: man.


So, what do I mean? I mean your logo and branding should have the result in mind. Meaning it all should be built to hold a plan. I know you are building from little funds or resources or favor. However, when you are building a vision or fulfilling a dream, start with the end and design your logo and branding to fit the end.


Here are questions to ask yourself about building your vision:

1.       Can this logo last for 15 years or more without being changed? Will it remain in the minds of those who follow my brand?


2.       Does this logo evoke the emotion and concept in my brand of the million dollar brand I want now, or does it appear to be a struggling branding concept or logo?


3.        Will I become a contender in the marketplace with what I am showcasing now?


If you cannot answer these three questions with certainty, then you are playing it safe or small with your vision. There are cost-effective ways to get your branding completed, and I would suggest you spend the majority of your money in this area.


I suggest going with a branding company that handles these type of designs and can help you develop your branding. There are tons of branding coaches out there. However, save the money and really meet with a branding company. I have learned from my own mishaps that I should have spent more on the branding/logo portion of the business.


The pricing can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands. There are places like Fiverr, which I love to use, that you can get logos and branding completed for as little as $5. Keep in mind that you don’t want to rebrand again, so make sure on Fiverr or anywhere else that you get your future vision and not your “right now I can afford” vision.


Samantha Singletary