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Hi! My name is SamanthaTalks.

I am SamanthaTalks, The Coin Strategist; a Global Financial expert.

I empower, educate, and provide strategies to female entrepreneurs. I help them build infrastructure in their businesses while maximizing their tax benefits so they can employ others and build businesses they can retire from.

I spent years working in corporate America noticing the problems in team and customer service structure, system functionality, and communication issues with employees. I would often provide solutions to management that worked.

I created ways to work efficiently and effectively, deeming the concept, 'Work smarter, not harder,' a staple in my corporate experience.

I noticed many startups, small businesses, and entrepreneurs had infrastructure issues. They didn't allow them to grow into money making machines.

After going through divorce and being laid off from employers, I discovered ways to maximize my tax benefits. I took my tax breaks to build businesses and create wealth.

With the tax breaks I received, I invested, managed, and built an organic tea company and published several books.

I grew the Royal 8 International Tea brand to gross monthly between $500-$1500 in tea sales. This money was a second revenue stream for my household.

I have a love for everything business and finance. I am an Enrolled Agent, Certified Financial Educator, and I obtained my MBA in Accounting in 2014. I graduated one out of five people in a class of over 300 in this specialized area.

I have over 15 years' experience in business and as a tax professional. I have helped countless entrepreneurs save thousands of dollars by building cost-effective infrastructures, save thousands of dollars on taxes, invest money into tax-free investments, and build successful businesses.

Known for my insight, wisdom and creative strategies, I have taught countless other female entrepreneurs how to create a second income stream.

I have a weekly Podcast and YouTube show, SamanthaTalks Tuesdays, where we talk about entrepreneurship, business, and finances.

I speak to audiences all over about business strategies, finances, tax laws, and investing. I offer exclusive consulting packages, tax planning and preparation, and business development. Let's get started building a financial legacy you will be proud of!

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